Expanded Shallow Water Tano Block

The Expanded Shallow Water Tano Block consists of three discovered fields, and comprises 1,508 square kilometers (370,000 acres) in water depths ranging from 55 meters to 116 meters (180 feet to 380 feet). The Shallow Water Tano Block is located 15 km to 35 km (9 miles to 21 miles) offshore Ghana, and is bounded on the north by the Ghana Coastline, on the west by the Maritime Border with Cote D’Ivoire, on the south by the Deepwater Tano Block which hosts the Tweneboa, Enyenra, and Ntomme (TEN) Fields, and on the east by the West Cape Three Points Block which hosts the Jubilee Field and Teak-Akasa discoveries.

Existing discoveries in the Shallow Water Tano Block include the North Tano oil and gas field, the CTS-1X gas discovery, the NWT-1X oil discovery, and the South Tano fields.

Tano Basin

The Tano Basin is a prolific hydrocarbon province located offshore Ghana with known significant discoveries and producing fields such as Tweneboa and Jubilee.