Tano Area Fields of Western Ghana

Ultramar Energy Resources Limited is an energy company which, through a joint venture, is focused on the development of the shallow water Tano area fields of Western Ghana. Comprising the Tano South, Tano North, and Tano West fields, the fields were discovered by Phillips and Dana between 1978 and 2000.

Tano Field Field Summaries

Tano Block

  • Covers over 1,508 sq km (370,000 acres)
  • Water depth ranging from 55m to 116m
  • Bounded on the south by the Deepwater Tano Block, which contains the TEN fields; to the east bounded by the West Cape Three Points block, which contains the Jubilee field
  • Contains the North Tano oil and gas field, the South Tano fields, the CTS-1X gas discovery and the NWT-1X oil discovery

Expanded Shallow Water

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